Music Heals: Felt Across Generations

Created by senior Isabella Rakhlis three years ago, the Music Heals Club performs for elementary schools and retirement homes to enrich their day. She had always wanted to start a club- so why not begin one that involved her passion?


Music Heals performances typically happen twice a month and are from 45 minutes to an hour. They often play at Sharon Elementary and the Brookwood afterschool program. In a room full of hollering children, the team belts out Disney songs and the latest pop sensations, much to the dismay of the two adults watching the performance with them in the small caféteria. 


“All the kids line up and yell: ‘I wanna sing on the stage!’” Rakhlis laughed, who schedules the club’s performances.


In Antebellum and Arbor Terrace, a retirement home, the crowd joins in, although much more peacefully. Instead of scream-singing the lyrics, they just sing, but it means so much more to them. The 10-year-olds will likely not remember being visited by a troupe of high school students, but the regular attendees in the retirement homes will. Several of the audience members have thanked the club on multiple occasions. 


As of this year, Music Heals operates under Tri-M’s umbrella. Tri-M is a new honors society for juniors and seniors in a music pathway. While Music Heals focuses on entertainment, another club, Muse, focuses on enrichment. Muse members tutor Brookwood Elementary students and prepare Forsyth middle schoolers for all-state auditions at The Georgia Music Educators Association.


Music Heals is open to all students with a musical inclination- whether you sing or play an instrument. They can join regardless of GPA, and choose songs to play in performances. The club is one of the few that does not ask for a fee.

Music Heals’ next meeting is on September 11th at 8:00 a.m. in room 2814. We hope to see you there!