New Lunch Cravings: The Lasso Lounge or LBco?

Line at the Lasso Lounge taken by Sanhita Chatterjee on February 16, 2022.

Line at the Lasso Lounge taken by Sanhita Chatterjee on February 16, 2022.

With the increasing popularity of consuming snacks, drinks and candy during lunch combined with the long lunch lines, the demand for food at Lambert is higher than ever before. With the availability of cheap, convenient and plentiful treats, the Lasso Lounge is attracting Lambert students by the masses.

The original hotspot for kids to go for snacks during lunch was the Lambert Branding Company (LBco), which sells cookies, mac and cheese and, now, popping boba. The marketing classes help manage the school store. Located in a fairly cozy place near the 1300 hall, it has lots of traffic during school hours. 

With the emergence of the Lasso Lounge, students enjoy the cheaper products, faster moving lines and a more pleasant atmosphere of the lounge as opposed to LBco. The Lasso Lounge is an area near the 2900 hallway that is open during both 5th and 6th lunch, with volunteer adults who work during these hours. Laisha Dharni, a sophomore who frequents both the Lasso Lounge and LBco gave her opinion on this matter.

“The LBco is losing a lot of business to the Lasso Lounge because they close super early and just don’t have as much stuff,”  Dharni quoted. “And when the moms make you mac and cheese it’s so good.”

Additionally, in a poll done during 6th lunch, 75% of students preferred going to the Lasso Lounge during lunch, and the other 25% said they go to the school store for food they can’t find at the Lasso Lounge.

However, it’s important to note that each business is being supported by different groups of people. LBco is managed by marketing students, while the Lasso Lounge is run by adult volunteers, and limitations will always exist within businesses supported by students as opposed to adults. Supporting all businesses is an important form of school spirit and being active in the community. Different unique treats can be found in both areas, and we encourage students to explore both locations during their lunch periods!!