Snow Myths

Picture taken by CNY Central, Taken on December 16, 2020, All rights reserved

It’s a cold February morning. You’re getting ready to go to school when your mom suddenly storms into your room with a giant smile on her face, “Look outside” she says as you hastily make your way to the window. It’s snowing! Joy fills your body as you look back to your mom and both realize what this means… NO SCHOOL!

As winter is starting to come to an end, everyone has been hoping for a snow day to have fun outside and relax with some hot chocolate. Scientifically, for a chance of snow the temperature outside needs to be below freezing (0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit) and a small amount of moisture in the air. 

Although science says one thing, there are many other ways snow can be conjured up!

Here are 6 ways to summon snow:

  1. PJs should be worn inside out and backwards
  2. Place a purple crayon by the window sill.
  3. Tape a paper snowflake to the window.
  4. Put a spoon under your pillow
  5. Flush an ice cube down the toilet.
  6. Pray for Snow.

If you are ever in desperate need of a snow day, don’t be afraid to try one of these methods, you never know, you could just make a whole community overjoyed.