The beginning of Lambert’s A cappella Club


The A Cappella club takes a break from harmonizing in their afternoon practice to take part in a group photo.

One of Lambert’s newest clubs, the A cappella Club, is now up and running as Founders Kaylee Kim, Kathleen Winn, and Audrey Stephens (all Juniors) hold auditions, arrange music, and choreograph dances for performances that will take place during the 2017-2018 school year.

A cappella is a style of music in which a group or a soloist sings without instrumental accompaniment. Many A cappella groups will often utilize their voices to emulate music instruments, while others will consider their primary focus to be harmonizing as a group.

In an interview conducted by The Lambert Post, A cappella Club’s officers reveal their inspiration for starting the club, how it will be run, and what all students can expect for the future of the A cappella Club.

“Getting to this point has taken two years,” says Kaylee Kim, A cappella Club’s co founder and president, “We finally have enough resources to make this vision of a full functioning club into a reality.” Kim revealed that she had the idea of starting the club when she first came to Lambert, but she was a “timid Freshman” and “didn’t have a clue about how the dynamics of how A capella worked or operated.” She had found her passion for A cappella within her middle school chorus class, where she and her classmates performed many songs by the popular A capella group, Pentatonix.  Kim told The Lambert Post that, “It was almost instinctive to look for an A capella Club during Freshmen Round-Up because I was so dead set on joining.” Kim had been informed that “the school had had one,” but was “baffled” and “filled with disbelief” when Mr. Wason – the Lambert Chorus Director – disclosed that a so-called A capella Club never existed.

“Sophomore year was the year that we officially decided that this [the club] was happening,” says Kim. Kim explained that a shared musical theater class with Stephens “brought [us] together and that’s when the foundation of the club was drafted.” As to why they decided to start the club, Audrey Stephens added that “Music has a really big impact on people’s lives, and we want to share that with people because it’s helped us a lot.”

A cappella Club will “mainly focus on pop music,” but will also explore other genres such as EDM, soft funk, and 70’s and 80’s classic rock.

This year, the club will be more performance-based rather than competition-based. Kim admitted that she and the other officers “are still in the learning stage, hence it would be a little nerve-racking to compete at this moment.”

A capella Club hopes to perform at a Lambert Spring Pep Rally and the Spring Chorus Concert. “We are also planning to perform at the Gwinnett Medical Center and the Antebellum Assisted Living Center as volunteers,” says Kim.

Towards the beginning of the school year, the club will begin with various exercises in order to reveal leaders, decide supporting singers, and allow everyone to get familiar with each others’ voices. Stephens told The Lambert Post that, “Once the club establishes who everybody is and what type of voice type they are, then we will move on to rehearsing a selected song – as well as learning some choreography.”

Club meetings and rehearsals will be held every Tuesday and Friday from 3:40-5:30 in the afternoon.