The Boomer Bingo Bug


Photo taken by Kelley Walker, a sophomore and an FCCLA officer.

The obsession that the elderly of America have with BINGO is one that will never be understood until we reach the age where BINGO is a part of every Saturday night. While this stereotype makes for great laughs, BINGO does have its benefits. It increases alertness and increases the socialization among the older residents. Lambert’s FCCLA club took the time to play BINGO with the seniors living at the Ivy Hall Premier Living Center on Saturday.


FCCLA students brought shamrock cookies for the older women that spent their afternoon with the students of Lambert. There were also hand sanitizers, cards, mints, and jewelry available for the winners of the game. There were seven seniors along with the volunteers. The star of the show was a woman who won BINGO four times, followed by the 103-year-old who played her hardest.


The Ivy Hall Assisted Living is always looking for volunteers. If interested, contact Marianne Miller at [email protected]!