The Ins-and-Outs of Homecoming Proposals


Ann Ding

Unsurprisingly, 24.8% of the students surveyed preferred using posters as a method of proposing whereas 27.4% would use food, 17.9% balloons, and 12.8% confetti. Many would even use all three!

As members of the student body at Lambert High School, we look forward to the spirited events. For most of us, Homecoming is one of the occasions that is highly anticipated since the beginning of the year. Many students spend hours pondering on “what to wear” or “who to ask.” Now we may not be able to help you with that, but we have collected information regarding the ways and means of Homecoming proposals.

Gathering results from several surveys with the students of Lambert, we have concluded the most popular approaches on how to ask people to Homecoming. A widely favored way to propose is using food or candy. As many know, teenagers love food and 27.4% of the Lambert students would enjoy proposing to someone with food or candy. When using food or candy, many incorporate puns to captivate the attention of the person being proposed to – and puns can never hurt. This appeals to the large community of Lambert who truly enjoy food, which we can know, is many of us.

The second most popular proposal, the poster, is the classic method  of proposing as it gets the job done easily. 19.1% of the students interview stated that posters were the easiest and most efficient type of proposal. Just imagine, the person of your dreams is approaching you from the opposite side of the hallway. In their arms, they hold a poster with your name on it. It says, “Gertrude, you put the clown in carnival. Homecoming?” You burst into tears of pure joy, “Yes, I will go to Homecoming with you,” you say. Then you live happily ever after.

With multiple ways to ask someone to Homecoming, we were interested in figuring out what other students thought of gender stereotypes when it came to proposals. We reached out to the students of Lambert asking them a variety of questions. One of the questions we asked was, “Do you think it is acceptable for girls to ask people to Homecoming?” As a response many of them replied in a positive manner stating “Absolutely. It’s 2017! Girls are just as capable of asking people and destroying stereotypes,” and “Yes, anyone can ask whoever they want regardless of gender.” In the newer generations, children have been taught to be more accepting of gender equality. Women today are introduced to many new opportunities, and have entered  the more substantial working classes.

As a follow-up question we asked the students if they felt peer pressured into asking others to Homecoming. A poll from the people of Lambert told us that 84.6% of the students surveyed didn’t feel pressured into having a date to Homecoming. A large number of them responded that they didn’t feel pressured because they were only planning to go with their friends. Because when attending homecoming with friends, the pressure of needing a date diminishes. Therefore, people feel as though they do not need a date. However, a small amount of students replied that they felt lonely and would become disappointed if they were rejected. Either way, it is encouraged that you go to homecoming and at least create memories.

Whatever your attitude, Homecoming is an experience that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy.  Whether you are accompanied or not, Homecoming is almost guaranteed to take you on a roller coaster of emotions.