What Can 10th Grade SGA Do for You?

Photo taken for SGA campaign, (the date of the election)

Photo taken for SGA campaign, (the date of the election)

Since the elections of the 2021-2022 Lambert school year, the student body hasn’t heard much about what is to be expected in the coming school year. What do the tenth grade SGA officers have in store for students, and what are the student body’s opinions on the new representatives for their grade? Nicole Moon, the sophomore president, talked about the different methods she used to gain the votes of her peers, and what she plans to do for them. 

“I just focused on making posters and just talking to all my friends and asking [them] to repost on their stories,” Moon stated when asked about her strategies. “SGA campaigns are all based on student votes, it’s not based on like for other clubs the advisors have the main decision but SGA’s different where everything’s based on student votes.”

Since SGA votes were completely composed of the student body, their opinions and votes on what candidates had to offer held far more important than what the administration had to say. Because of this, Nicole focused on bringing in votes through her friend’s Instagram stories and passing out candy during election day. A random poll was taken on sophomores’ opinions on who they voted for and why they voted. Most people responded by claiming that they voted for whoever they were friends with, or knew more about. During the poll that was taken, students were asked about what they wanted to see changed in the school.

One thing that both this student and many others had was the issue with the library; they wanted to be able to have a quiet place to go that doesn’t have a limit on the people and has generally less noise pollution. The implementation of this change could include things like more classrooms that are available solely for the students to use. 

This leads to the question: What does SGA have in mind? While interviewing the new sophomore president, Nicole, she talked about the different things she wanted to do with Lambert Pride. 

“There’s bound to be people who don’t feel a part of this school, which is why I feel like there should be school spirit events, and just encouraging more activities throughout the year will just unite the student body together,” Moon stated. 

SGA definitely had a lot in mind in the context of ways to help the student body and how to make students feel more involved and comfortable. SGA is focused on making school a safe and fun environment that students would enjoy being a part of.  If there is anything that you want to see change or be fixed, reach out to your SGA officers; they are happy to help and hear your ideas!