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“Before I started screenwriting or directing, I played a lot of music. I’ve always been a big fan of a lot of different music, so when I was 10, I started playing bass, and then music became an obsession, and I started learning guitar and drums and keyboards. It wasn’t ever really a challenge to start trying to make music. Once I found out about venues and the local scene, I immediately started trying to start a band.

I got into screenwriting and directing about the same way that I got into music. I’d always been a big movie aficionado, and had ideas about various scripts so I decided to pick up writing. And one of the things that prompted me to start writing was that my brother and two of our friends had started writing a TV show and they wanted me to help out on an episode or two. Since then, I’ve written on every episode and collaborated fully on the show with them. That was about a year ago, and since then I’ve worked on several projects, including a short film I wrote, co-directed, and made the music for, as well as several other scripts. And since I did the music for the short film, I started working on music along side writing as well, coming almost full circle as one led to me picking the other up again.

They aren’t just hobbies. I want to be a writer/director when I grow up. This summer is going to be spent trying to find a writing agent so that I can get on the right track to that career. As well as the show, I’ve worked on an adaptation of one of my favorite books and several other original screenplay ideas.

In a lot of ways, these are practice and developing my style in film and music as I get older and learn more about, you could call it the craft, I guess. The best way to learn new things and experiment and become better at the things you love is to just do them, and be unafraid of being terrible because if you are, you can get better from there, looking at your flaws and trying to get better with each project.”