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A picture from the sets of “Deadpool and Wolverine.” (Courtesy of People Magazine)

Deadpool and Wolverine Take on the MCU

Naina Agrawal, Staff Writer February 26, 2024

On February 11th, in the middle of the Super Bowl, the world got its first glimpse of Marvel Studios’ “Deadpool and Wolverine.” Within 24 hours of its release, the trailer smashed records with an...

A still from Mean Girls 2024 capturing all the Plastics. (Courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

Mean Girls The Musical: A Reunion That Falls Short of Expectations

Naina Agrawal, Staff Writer January 30, 2024

The Plastics are back and with more flare than ever! Released on January 12, 2024, the new “Mean Girls" movie had people flocking to the theaters to be reunited with some of the most iconic characters...

Taken from Amazon Studios.

Saltburn: Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi’s Terrifying Journey into Madness

Shriya Buche, Competitons Executive January 29, 2024

Saltburn, starring Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi, is a dark comedy and psychological thriller that left many viewers shocked. What was originally meant to scare its audience scarred many instead.  The...

Scene from Wonka. Taken from Jaap Buittendijk at Warner Bros. Pictures.

No Golden Ticket to Joy: Wonka Leaves You Wanting

Ian Lee, Arts & Entertainment Staff Writer December 28, 2023

The name "Wonka" conjures up a whirlwind of images: rivers of chocolate, fizzy lifting drinks, singing Oompa Loompas and, of course, the chocolatier Willy Wonka himself. This timeless tale, both in print...

Lambert AP Macroeconomics teacher and soccer coach Mr. Shroyer watching a movie during some downtime. Photograph by Chitvan Singh, taken on February 13, 2023.

Biopics: The Genre Has Had Enough

Chitvan Singh, Staff Writer February 22, 2023

When you look at the lineup of big budget Hollywood movies in recent years, there’s one trend that’s almost unmistakable: Biopics. Hollywood slang for “biographical pictures,” biopics are movies...

When people first saw the new Mario movie trailer, they were thrilled and excited to see what it had in store for them. Then, fans saw Bowuigi, a ship between two famous Mario characters: Bowser and Luigi. Thousands of twitter users relayed their excitement through creating fan art within hours of the trailer’s release.

The Mario Movie Comic

Divjot Kaur, Resident Artist January 18, 2023

The main poster for “Andor” on Disney Plus (Lucasfilm). The series has been proclaimed as one of the best new entries in the Star Wars franchise, thanks to its excellent characters and world building.

Andor: Star Wars Shines in a New Way

Joshua Mui, Staff writer January 5, 2023

Star Wars under Disney’s ownership has been a wild ride, from the infamous sequel trilogy that left fans divided to the well-received “The Mandalorian.” After “The Book of Boba Fett” and “Obi-Wan...

Movie poster from IMDB, Some Rights Reserved,

7 Comfort Movies to Soothe Your Soul

SASHA LOOBY, Senior Editor February 7, 2021

Movies have the unique ability to take on their own sentimental value depending on the person watching. Apart from what the direct intends, we form our own emotional attachments to certain movies and the...

Top 5 Netflix Picks to Satisfy any Horror Movie Fanatic

Top 5 Netflix Picks to Satisfy any Horror Movie Fanatic

Avery Haney, News Editor October 26, 2020

As the nights get chillier and the leaves begin to fall, the familiar October presence is upon us once again! Whether celebrating the spooky season entails carving pumpkins or trick or treating, enjoying...

Overrated/Overhyped Movies

Livi Wold and Obshree Saravana March 20, 2020

The movie industry understands how important hype is when it comes to movies. The more hyped a movie is, the more people are going to watch it. However, some movies are just too hyped for their own good....


Official Black Widow Trailer

Obshree Saravana, Senior Editor March 18, 2020

As many may already know, the official Black Widow movie trailer came out on March 9th. The official movie trailer reveals a little bit more of Natasha Romanoff’s past and her tormented history. As a...

Longhorn’s Favorite Christmas Movies

Abby Settipani and Emily Weimer December 10, 2019

Forty-five Longhorn students picked their favorite Christmas movie from a list of fifteen classics to get into the holiday festivities.  The films to select from were Elf, Home Alone, A Christmas Story,...

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