Overrated/Overhyped Movies

The movie industry understands how important hype is when it comes to movies. The more hyped a movie is, the more people are going to watch it. However, some movies are just too hyped for their own good. Movies like Men In Black: International, Saw, After, Crazy Rich Asians, Mamma Mia, and Coco, are some of the most overrated and overhyped movies in our opinion. Warning: spoilers ahead!



The movie After is based on a Harry Styles fan-fiction on a website/app called Wattpad. Wattpad is an online community where nonprofessional writers can publish their stories for others to read. This movie is about a toxic relationship between a boy named Hardin and a girl named Teresa. Both characters act horribly to each other and it just gets ridiculous. It becomes insane how strange and manipulative he is and how brainless she is. This movie is totally overrated.



This fantastical tear-jerker had many on the edge of their seats throughout the movie. However, after blowing up, this movie had some major notable downsides. The first and foremost being: it feels like a ripoff of the movie The Book Of Life. While the two movies follow different plotlines, the two movies look so identical and have so many of the same traits that it is really hard to ignore. And while the songs in the movie are great to listen to the first couple of times, the more you listen to them, the more they can make you un poco loco. 


Crazy Rich Asians

Whether you’ve heard about this movie from a friend, or have gotten an ad for it on YouTube, this movie was hyped up way too much. Though it was a pretty good movie, it definitely did not deserve the amount of advertising or the amount of praise that it got. This movie was everywhere and everyone was constantly talking about it. But honestly, it just was not that good. The movie gets really boring at times and the pacing is all over the place especially towards the third act. Taking into account the poor pacing, poor execution of plot, and lack of characterization, (not to mention the forced happy ending), this movie just is not that good.


Mamma Mia         

The movie Mamma Mia is a movie with an amazing song selection, but a poor storyline. The main character, Sophie, is preparing for her wedding day when she finds her mom’s old diary and realizes that she has three possible dads. She then thinks it is an amazing idea to invite them all to her wedding to find out who her real father is. While this sounds like a really fun concept, we never end up finding out who it truly is! The music was great, but it cannot make up for the lackluster ending.


Men in Black: International

Since this was released merely two months after Avengers: Endgame, most of the hype in this movie had to do with who was in it more than what happened in it. This is just another movie taking advantage of big names and big franchises. This was nothing more than a quick cash grab and did not deserve anywhere near the amount of attention it got.



The Saw series is infamous for horrible plot lines and incredible conveniences. The first movie was the one that started it all. While this one is the least ridiculous, I think that its slightly better plotline (when compared to the other Saw movies) makes people forget how ridiculous the movie actually is. Because of the relative higher quality of this movie, people often make it seem like this movie is much better than it really is. In comparison to the other movies, yes, this one is leaps and bounds better. But viewing it as its own entity, it is dumb and ridiculous.


People often get lost in excitement and movie reviews. The all-powerful hype train will forever run through our minds and steer us away from common sense. We need to remember that a lot of movies suck.