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Prisons and Their Problems

Picture taken by Mike Groll, taken on Feb. 1, 2012, some rights reserved,
October 14, 2020

Prison systems are different throughout the world, but one thing the majority have in common is the corruption within these “reform centers”.  One of the main problems is purely because they do...

Teacher of the Year

Photo by Lambert Twitter, taken on September 15th, some rights reserved,
October 13, 2020

The Teacher of the Year award is an opportunity for a teacher to be recognized for their hard work, dedication, and talent. At Lambert High School, the teachers all portray many traits that make them great....

The Problems With Fraternities and Sororities

A sorority dressed in offensive Mexican stereotypes at a party.
October 2, 2020

Fraternities have been around since the early 1800s and continue to be a huge pinnacle in today’s college life. Growing up, many children would watch movies/shows which depicted fraternities and sororities...

Mecca of Suburban Culture

Shopping mall before the pandemic, not the ideal place to be
Source: Jahi Chikwendiu, The Washington Post via Getty Images
September 30, 2020

The names Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Bulgari, and other luxury brands lined the endless rows of our modern-day bazaars. Classic boutiques, movie theatres, and food stands delighted our senses for...

Patrons of Forsyth, Unite!

Picture of ramen!
September 14, 2020

As I stare into my pantry, I let out a huge sigh. Another meal, another cup of instant noodles and curry. My dear mother has had it with this virus and “every meal at home” insanity. I don’t blame...

Overrated/Overhyped Movies

March 20, 2020

The movie industry understands how important hype is when it comes to movies. The more hyped a movie is, the more people are going to watch it. However, some movies are just too hyped for their own good....

French Fries Review

March 18, 2020

French fries are an art created by God. Although fries were given the name “French,” it’s origin was not exactly from France. WE MUST THANK THE BELGIANS! Those beautiful beings are the famous french...

Ranking ALL of the Art Mediums

March 18, 2020

Visual art has been practiced for centuries all over the world, so it's finally time to decide: which art mediums are the best? These are entirely based on my experiences using each material and are ranked...

Why is Technology Used Against Us, and How it Can be Stopped

March 18, 2020

With the ever-changing digital age, ways to seize certain technology to do very illegal deeds are growing at an alarming rate. People have found ways to capitalize on weakly coded tech to either spy on...

Nearly Everyone in High School Complains Too Much

March 16, 2020

Nearly Everyone in High School Complains Too Much Hating one’s generation is one of the most over-used and annoying stereotypes of all time. The phrase “I was born in the wrong generation” makes...

Lambert Society: Do Higher Standards Mean Higher Satisfaction?

March 16, 2020

It is no question that Lambert has a reputation as being a very rigorous and competitive academic environment. It is reasonable to say that this competition comes from its students setting high standards...

Amazon vs. Retail

March 12, 2020

The online book-distributing company that everyone thought would fail is calling the shots nearly thirty years later. Its loyalty program; various electronics; taking Whole Foods under its corporate umbrella:...

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