Inside Lambert’s culinary arts program


Emma North

The hustle and bustle of a kitchen can not be ignored. To some one that's never witnessed what goes on in Lambert's Culinary Arts class they might call it chaos, but that's not true. There's an organization to it; everyone has a purpose and knows what they're doing. Everything comes together to make the perfect dish.

The hustle and bustle of a kitchen can not be ignored. To someone that’s never witnessed what goes on in Lambert’s Culinary Arts class they might call it chaos, but that’s not true. Lambert’s culinary arts teacher, Mrs.King, recently won teacher of the year, so The Lambert Post decided to take a look inside and figure out what goes on in culinary arts.

Grabbing ingredients while her partner, Vivian, reads the recipe, Savanna Joao, works to create a dish. Emma North
Intently staring into the bowl, Bella, focus on stirring the filling. Emma North
Working together, Eric Zhu and Gillianna Peck, are intently focused on their task. “I always wanted to learn to cook,” said Zhu, “it’s a lot of fun.” Emma North
In order to use crushed walnuts as the recipe requests, students filled plastic bags with whole walnuts and used a rolling pin to crush them. Emma North
Smiling in her apron, Vivian helps clean up at the end of class. Emma North
Pouring the batter, Whitney fills the pan to put it in the oven. Emma North
Focusing on the task a hand, a Lambert student mixes together the ingredients. Emma North
Working with his partner, Andrew, pours the ingredients together. Emma North
Preparing to measure the ingredients, Sydney Dressor, on the right, works to make the perfect dish.  Emma North
In her full culinary uniform, Sarah Boone, assists students as they make dishes. “I’m like a lab aid. I help out, and grade papers sometimes.” said Boone. Emma North
Emma North
After students finish cooking they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor, which is pie they made themselves.