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Humans of Lambert

“[My family and I] were watching Face Off and I said ‘I wanna do that’ and Diego [my brother] said ‘You can’t do that,’ and I was like ‘Watch me,’ so I did it,

Allie Tatoy, Associate Editor

October 30, 2017

“I watched a show called Face Off in sixth grade and I basically said, ‘I wanna do that,’ so I did. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I just kind of recreate it and I do that a lot. It’s fun and it looks cool. [If you want to get into it,] find a certain niche in the FX - like burns or reali...

Chasing fall through New England

Chasing fall through New England

Nethra Pillai, Online Editor

October 26, 2017

Over fall break, I designed a seven-day family road trip from Atlanta to New Hampshire. We passed through every New England state except for Rhode Island, and stopped at Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Admittedly, Pennsylvania does not fall under the New Englan...

DragonCon: a community of 80,000 people

Once I reached the Marriott Marquis I became fully submerged in the Dragon Con experience. It can be a lot to take in, with three open floors full of people. The Marriott Marquis during DragonCon is definitely one of the best places to go people watching.

Emma North, Photography Editor

October 3, 2017

For many people, Labor Day weekend in Atlanta means DragonCon. If you haven’t already heard, DragonCon is the “largest multi-media, pop culture, convention focusing on science fiction & fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe,” and occurs annually over Friday, S...

Humans of Lambert

Shane Chanka, the founder of Aspired Tech, hopes to expand his photography and filming company later in the future. With his strong interest in filming, he is currently expanding his business.

Christine Park, Staff Writer

March 6, 2017

“I first started as a YouTube channel, to post all my projects on there. In order to make a video for my channel, I had to practice filming; once I started filming, I noticed that I wasn’t that bad at it. My friends told me that my filming was good and that I should make another company for filming...

Inside Lambert’s culinary arts program

The hustle and bustle of a kitchen can not be ignored. To some one that's never witnessed what goes on in Lambert's Culinary Arts class they might call it chaos, but that's not true. There's an organization to it; everyone has a purpose and knows what they're doing. Everything comes together to make the perfect dish.

Emma North, Photography Editor

January 26, 2017

The hustle and bustle of a kitchen can not be ignored. To someone that's never witnessed what goes on in Lambert's Culinary Arts class they might call it chaos, but that's not true. Lambert's culinary arts teacher, Mrs.King, recently won teacher of the year, so The Lambert Post decided to take a look...

Time flies on Captiva Island

Being on an island is like being in a whole other world, Captiva Island especially. The island has a magical and relaxing feel to it and is known for its gorgeous beaches as well as places like The Mucky Duck and The Bubble Room. Once you reach Captiva, you are on something known as island time. 
Island time is the idea that when you’re on an island time passes differently than it does day to day. No work, no stress, just sunsets and sunburns. When I was there, I woke up at 9 maybe 8 a.m. at the earliest and didn’t leave the complex I was staying at usually till after lunch. I took stereotypical long walks on the beach with my phone in hand capturing the island.

Emma North, Photography Editor

November 29, 2016


Through the Clouds

Bryan McKnight, Student Submission, 11th Grade

February 19, 2016

Fly too high and you’re bound to choke Gas mask on still breathing in smoke Father named Daedalus A proud kingdom crumbles to dust You were having fun but then the lights went down You woke up hazy lying upside down Put together pieces of what you missed Ignorance doesn’t feel like bliss Or...

Sound of Winter

Hazel Lee, Student Submission, 11th Grade

February 3, 2016

The sound of winter sits inside my head The sound of the wind carrying away the fallen leaves As the piercing wind soars up the crevice in my sleeves The sound of white snow silently engulfing all in sight As the icicles on roof ridges meet the winter sunlight The sound of memories forming...