Sound of Winter

“‘Sound of Winter’ is a poem I wrote on a snow day, reminiscing about the winters I spent in Chicago.” -Hazel Lee


"Mountain Drive" By Kate Spiro, 11th grade

“My family and I were driving up to our condo in Breckenridge, Colorado for our family ski trip this winter break. The way the sun was shining through the snow filled clouds struck me as beautiful. Also the way that it looked as if we were driving into an endless sea of snow covered mountains, and away from the busy life of city folk, was calming. The way the car mirror and my dads shoulder are in the picture reminded me of the things I love to do.” – Kate Spiro

The sound of winter sits inside my head

The sound of the wind carrying away the fallen leaves

As the piercing wind soars up the crevice in my sleeves

The sound of white snow silently engulfing all in sight

As the icicles on roof ridges meet the winter sunlight

The sound of memories forming as the stars gaze down at me

And the warmth of the campfire fills my heart with glee

The sound of winter slowly fading away

As winter and spring agree to meet halfway

I’m blessed to let the sound of winter rest inside my head.