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Chorus: Winter Concert

Obshree Saravana, Senior Editor

December 10, 2019

Last year, the LHS Chorus sang their hearts out for the Winter Concert, and this year, it’s expected to be just as festive and fabulous. The songs are supposed to lift everyone’s holiday spirit. “Hallelujah” and “White Winter Hymnal” are great pieces that the Chorus will perform, but ma...

Sound of Winter

Hazel Lee, Student Submission, 11th Grade

February 3, 2016

The sound of winter sits inside my head The sound of the wind carrying away the fallen leaves As the piercing wind soars up the crevice in my sleeves The sound of white snow silently engulfing all in sight As the icicles on roof ridges meet the winter sunlight The sound of memories forming...

“Stitch”-tastic knitting projects

Winter is coming... knit faster!

Jessica Wilder, Senior Editor

January 27, 2016

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The world’s greatest gifts

Jesus will wash your heart, white as snow.

Lael White, Staff Writer

January 26, 2016

Life is like a snow storm in winter, it is unpredictable, fun, and dangerous all at the same time. The wind the storm brings is the fears and dangers of sin, their wailing noises serve as a warning for us, but some don’t take the time to listen to the wind. The snow is a promise of redemption, of...

Snow and ice kicks off 2016 in Georgia

Taken in the same place just a few days apart, the difference the weather brings is unbelievable; it is almost like there were two seasons in one week.

Jessica Borla, Advertising Lead

January 26, 2016

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