The world’s greatest gifts


Jessica Roberts,

Jesus will wash your heart, white as snow.

Life is like a snow storm in winter, it is unpredictable, fun, and dangerous all at the same time. The wind the storm brings is the fears and dangers of sin, their wailing noises serve as a warning for us, but some don’t take the time to listen to the wind. The snow is a promise of redemption, of a new tomorrow. The snow’s wondrous beauty is so comforting to us because it is rare that our world would stop all together to watch one specific event together. Even when there isn’t any snow we all band together and hope for it. The only other time in history when everyone was moved by the same thing at once was at Christ’s resurrection. His resurrection brought promise. His words and witnessing is like the wind, warning us about sin and preparing us for His up and coming death, but people did not stop to listen to His words. Jesus’ glorious glow once He defeated death is like the snow itself, it was beautifully miraculous. Jesus gave us snow and gave us a chance for a new life and promises us and everlasting one. Seeing as how Jesus and snow are so similar to each other, it is only fitting that we celebrate the day of Christ’s birth within it the season of snow. As the Bible says in James 1:17, “Every great and perfect gift comes from above.” Jesus Christ is a great and perfect gift that came from above, the snow is only but a reminder of His works and His promises. Although it, like Christ, is often taken for granted by many. However we all know the truth, that Jesus Christ is our snow, and so much more.