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Christine Park

Shane Chanka, the founder of Aspired Tech, hopes to expand his photography and filming company later in the future. With his strong interest in filming, he is currently expanding his business.

“I first started as a YouTube channel, to post all my projects on there. In order to make a video for my channel, I had to practice filming; once I started filming, I noticed that I wasn’t that bad at it. My friends told me that my filming was good and that I should make another company for filming. Since then, I made a separate division of my original YouTube channel. As of right now, it is called Aspired Techs, but I plan on changing it to Aspired Studios. This business is just for filming and photography.

Over Christmas break, I did a lot of filming and photography for this business. We’re still working on engineering projects, but as of right now, we’re mainly focusing on filming. Business wise, we’re getting a lot of offers from companies, and we’re going through the process of making the types of videos the companies want. Right now, we’re working on a deal with Atlanta Custom Wraps; it is a wrapping company that wraps cars with different colors, and they wrapped some cars in the fast and furious franchise. We’re in the process of getting a job with them. They’re already interested in my business, so they’re requesting a sample video.

As of now, we are allowing life to lead our company. Whatever happens, happens for a purpose. All we want to do, is to create unique and inspirational videos. This include videos for products, events, weddings, music videos and about anything involving creativity and art. Right now, our goal is to publicize ourselves and hopefully receive a project opportunity back. We love what we do, and although we do not know exactly what the future holds, the future is waiting, and we are prepared.” -Shane Chanka