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Old comics give Thor new life in

Old comics give Thor new life in “Thor: Ragnarok”

Emma North, Photography Editor November 30, 2017

“Thor: Ragnarok” diverged in style from the first two Thor movies, giving the character and his place in the MCU (the Marvel cinematic universe) the revitalization he needed. It was clear from the...

Shane Chanka, the founder of Aspired Tech, hopes to expand his photography and filming company later in the future. With his strong interest in filming, he is currently expanding his business.

Humans of Lambert

Christine Park, Staff Writer March 6, 2017

“I first started as a YouTube channel, to post all my projects on there. In order to make a video for my channel, I had to practice filming; once I started filming, I noticed that I wasn’t that...

This musical taking place in LA has experienced extreme success

La La Land’s surprising audience

Bryan McKnight, Staff Writer February 20, 2017

La La Land is soaring into Oscar season with 14 nominations, putting it on par with Titanic for the most nominations ever. But why is La La Land so popular? Typically, musicals are enjoyed by a niche...

The sign outside Buchenwald which reads in English,

The Weekly Watch: “Naked Among Wolves” (8.5/10)

Madeline Laguaite, Features Editor May 4, 2016

Based on the 1958 novel written by Bruno Apitz (Nackt unter Wölfen), the film adaption Naked Among Wolves tells the true story of a small child smuggled via suitcase into the Buchenwald concentration...

Eugenio Derbez and co-star Loreto Peralta pose in a movie promotional.

The Weekly Watch: “Instructions Not Included” (7/10)

Madeline Laguaite, Features Editor April 20, 2016

Originally titled No se aceptan devoluciones (No Refunds Excepted), this foreign film was released in 2013 and had a fairly good response from the box office. Directed by the main character of the movie,...

A comedic classic produced in 1975,

The Weekly Watch: “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (9/10)

Madeline Laguaite, Features Editor March 23, 2016

If legends like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd were willing to invest around £20,000 each into the production of a film, the said film must be worth viewing. Indeed was the case with me. I was immediately...

Sharknado, a film centered around flying, man-eating sharks, is not worth anyone's time.

The Weekly Watch: Sharknado (1.5/10)

Madeline Laguaite, Features Editor March 2, 2016

Out of all the films I’ve invested my viewing time into, Sharknado just might be the worst. For a film with a budget of two million dollars, I expected much more than director Anthony C. Ferrante provided....

Released in 1996,

The Weekly Watch: “Sling Blade” (8/10)

Madeline Laguaite, Features Editor February 10, 2016

Sling Blade, is a complex drama that manages to capture a man’s life story in just two hours— a short amount of time for a massive plot. Even more impressive is the filming duration, 24 days, which...

A perfect image of the Scottish country, the location where

The Weekly Watch: “Dear Frankie” (7/10)

Madeline Laguaite, Features Editor January 20, 2016

According to the Daily Mail, one in three children don’t live with their father, but rather depend on their mother or other guardian to take care of them— much like in the case of Frankie Morrison...

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