The Weekly Watch: Sharknado (1.5/10)

Sharknado, a film centered around flying, man-eating sharks, is not worth anyones time.

Izzy Chan via Flickr

Sharknado, a film centered around flying, man-eating sharks, is not worth anyone’s time.

Out of all the films I’ve invested my viewing time into, Sharknado just might be the worst. For a film with a budget of two million dollars, I expected much more than director Anthony C. Ferrante provided. CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) sharks and cheesy dialogue just didn’t cut it.


Ferrante’s cinematic train wreck destroys movie-goers’ hopes for a nice film within the first scene, in which a man is eaten by a shark in one bite. Most sci-fi movies make an attempt at making the plot and graphics seem sincere and almost realistic; Sharknado doesn’t even try. The CGI sharks don’t behave as normal animals (besides the fact that they’re zooming through the air, eating people) and even their swim patterns are questionable, much like the plot. A disasterous tornado somehow picks up thousands of sharks on its winds and transports them, airborne, throughout Los Angeles. The sharks then terrorize many tourists and citizens of the city, including the main character, Fin (really?!). Some viewers are left wondering why the sharks can breathe air. That question is never answered and further proves that Sharknado is most certainly not worth anyone’s time.


What could’ve been an intriguing sci-fi film was transformed into a horribly corny movie about flying, poorly animated sharks. The characters are not very relatable and the plot is as confusing at it is aggravating. Sharknado will induce an immediate loss of brain cells for every viewer and I strongly recommend not wasting time with this one.