The Weekly Watch: “Instructions Not Included” (7/10)

Eugenio Derbez and co-star Loreto Peralta pose in a movie promotional.

Screenshot via YouTube User Carmen Hernandez

Eugenio Derbez and co-star Loreto Peralta pose in a movie promotional.

Originally titled No se aceptan devoluciones (No Refunds Excepted), this foreign film was released in 2013 and had a fairly good response from the box office. Directed by the main character of the movie, Eugenio Derbez, the film proves to be heart-warming and keeps viewers guessing until the very last scene.


No Instructions Included features a womanizer-turned-stuntman who’s forced to raise an infant on his own after the baby is abandoned by her mother, who refuses to take responsibility of her. The child, portrayed by bilingual actress Loreto Peralta, was exceptional in not just delivering her lines, but living them. She is an incredible asset and the chemistry between father (Derbez) and daughter (Peralta) is evident throughout the story. In addition to the talented cast, the setting also helps to secure the film a solid position as a 7 in my own movie scale, from 1-10. The film takes place in Acapulco, Mexico, which makes the fact that the actors speak primarily in Spanish all the richer; it allows the viewer to get a more accurate feel for the setting, a brilliant decision on Derbez’s part. The beautiful filmography depicting the Acapulco coast and lifestyle also adds to the charm of the movie.

The length of the movie, a little over two hours, is one of the only limitations of Instructions Not Included. Though it’s a relatively fast-paced and exciting film, it does drag in places and may be difficult to watch in one sitting. However, overall, it was a truly moving film and definitely worth the watch.