Through the Clouds

"This is a few verses of lyrics to a song I wrote about something that happened to me as a naive freshman. It taught me a valuable lesson in learning my own mortality, and I always try to keep it in the back of my mind now that I am not invincible." -Bryan McKnight


"The Bright Night" by David Park, 11th grade

"Even at night, that's always thought to be dark, the light penetrates the darkness like the ray of hope illuminating desperate times. I was outside of my home after coming back from a family dinner. It was then that I looked up and the moon just seemed so full of light. " -David Park

Fly too high and you’re bound to choke
Gas mask on still breathing in smoke
Father named Daedalus
A proud kingdom crumbles to dust
You were having fun but then the lights went down
You woke up hazy lying upside down
Put together pieces of what you missed
Ignorance doesn’t feel like bliss
Or does it now

You were young and you went away
You came back the very next day
But the memories are still there more or less
Of things that you just can’t confess
Tell yourself that you’re barring the gate
That you didn’t want to go back anyways
But as it’s getting late you realize you can’t wait
Until the next time you get to go to ruin your fate