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The Importance of Arts Education Within Public Schools

Lambert Junior  Ava Stapleton works countless hours on her newest art assignment to submit her creation to Scholastic Art & Writing competition.

Patrick Bullock, Staff Writer

December 6, 2016

Imagine a world in which the arts ceased to exist. In this world, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque Age, the Classical Period, the Romantic Era, and the Twentieth Century eras of music would not only fail to spawn but also lack the ability to inspire unique and innovative cultural experiences...

Honoring Canine Assistants: Changing the world with wet noses and wagging tails

Lambert students pose with the Canine Assistants and thank them for sharing their canine companions

Logan White, Literary Editor

April 18, 2016

Lambert has recently partnered with Canine Assistants to reduce the stress levels of high school students by using what is, undeniably, one of the world’s most beautiful things: puppies. Canine Assistants has been bringing a few of their resident service dogs to Lambert’s Media Center for students ...


Olivia Pastore, Staff Writer

March 21, 2016

“Are you excited for college?” They all seem to ask me tirelessly, and sometimes I’m afraid to tell them, to let my truth bleed from my mouth: I imagine leaving home almost every day. I imagine a car or a plane taking me to places uncharted to find a life anew. I imagine my famil...

Our social media obsession: Are we manufacturing memories?

Logan White, Literary Editor

March 16, 2016

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Ones to watch: Lambert Track and Field

Lambert Track and Field has hit a winning streak

Logan White, Literary Editor

March 15, 2016

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Old Joy

Karp portrays the beautful details hidden within a genuine look of happiness

Ethan Karp, Student Submission, 10th Grade

March 14, 2016

"I was digging around photos of old people on the internet for my next piece of artwork, and I saw a photo of a skinny Asian man that had a happy expression on his face. I created a detailed portrait of the old man's face to capture that joyful expression of his. The light reflecting off of his old...

The Apple Thief

Mahima Siripurapu, Student Submission, 11th Grade

March 8, 2016

I don’t know if children are born with a natural tendency to be malicious. There are obviously cases where children are perfect. Take for example Malia. Growing up, my mother would repeatedly remind me of how I should be more like this wonderful child, she had perfect form when dancing, perfect...

Worldly Gems

Jessica Borla, Advertising Lead

March 1, 2016

What hidden beauty the world beholds, Pure and untouched. Far closer such splendor lies than most realize, And therefore they do not explore this world; Robots stuck in this urban universe, Blind. Machines on autopilot, Too engaged, too superb For the nature which they rose from. A little curiosity,...

A Worm

Cameron Reaves, Student Submission, 11th Grade

February 26, 2016

Are you okay, young warrior? Does the sun's kiss cook you dry Will it leech all your energy If so, then you will die. You've crossed the mighty river Swam through the flood What gave you such strength? Prayer to your high god above. After all your tireless exertion struggle, sweat, and toil Now, yo...

Speak Up

Nusaybah Smith, Associate Editor

February 22, 2016

I've never been good with words You know, the ones that crawl up your throat From the oxygen and thought that surfaces in your lungs And circulates in your brain Reverberating from the chords of your voice Via the chains of your sane I've never been able to interrupt that circulation To pull from my th...

Through the Clouds

Bryan McKnight, Student Submission, 11th Grade

February 19, 2016

Fly too high and you’re bound to choke Gas mask on still breathing in smoke Father named Daedalus A proud kingdom crumbles to dust You were having fun but then the lights went down You woke up hazy lying upside down Put together pieces of what you missed Ignorance doesn’t feel like bliss Or...

Lambert wrestling takes fourth in the state

Senior, Matthew Sheetz, celebrates his victory as  Lambert's first State Champion wrestler

Logan White, Literary Editor

February 17, 2016

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