A Worm

“‘A Worm’ is an existential work that narrates the life and, ultimately, the death of a worm. The worm is metaphor, for it truly represents human life and struggle and mortality. I wrote this poem for a project last year on ‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath. I hoped to rediscover many themes and motifs, for example, atheism and the “void” that Plath also established in her novels and poems.” -Cameron Reaves


"Early Morning Rise" by Esosa Ekhosuehi, 11th grade

“This was taken on a day that I had a really important test in first period. I was extremely stressed and almost late for school, but this sunrise made me feel an inner peace and happiness. I slowed down and appreciated my surroundings, and it made me realize that even if I was late, everything was going to be okay. I just had to slow down and breathe.” -Esosa Ekhosuehi

Are you okay, young warrior?
Does the sun’s kiss cook you dry
Will it leech all your energy
If so, then you will die.

You’ve crossed the mighty river
Swam through the flood
What gave you such strength?
Prayer to your high god above.

After all your tireless exertion
struggle, sweat, and toil
Now, your handsome body lay limp
Beginning its inevitable return to soil.

Did you once have knowledge?
Did you once laugh or cry?
Did you once feel, fear, or fret?
If so, young warrior, then you will die.