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STAFF EDITORIAL: What was your biggest learning experience outside of the classroom (this year)?

Students moving on to the next chapter of their life.

May 17, 2016

Jessica Borla – The biggest learning experience I had outside of the classroom this year was time management. Throughout middle school and high school, I competed in dance at my dance studio. I was there six days a week rehearsing and taking technique classes. It wasn’t until this year that I quit...

On Truth

Will Harper, Student Submission, 11th Grade

May 2, 2016

People omit truth all the time The effect is not so sublime. We can’t build faith, we can’t build trust How does a liar feel this lust? Sometimes the truth is too hard to hear So, in that case, it is best not to be clear. But lying is a habit, it blackens the heart One who is...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Should boys and girls be allowed to have sleepovers together?

Kids sleeping together on a trampoline.

April 26, 2016

Jessica Borla – YES – I’m not saying that this applies to every situation, but for the most part, I see no problem in boys and girls having sleepovers together. I definitely see where parents have a problem with this, as they believe that their kid will engage in “inappropriate behavior”. However,...

The Lambert Project

The Lambert Project recently went to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta. Here is one member of the club, Emma Bryant, standing in front of a huge, breathtaking mural.

Jessica Borla, Advertising Lead

April 22, 2016

A new club is coming into light at Lambert High School - The Lambert Project. Sponsored by Mrs. Johnessee, the club focuses on compassion for other and awareness of what is going on around us; it kickstarted at the beginning of the year and the core group is continually growing in their ideas to make...

Lambert student appointed President of GA FBLA

Newly appointed FBLA President professional profile picture from his LinkedIn account.

Riley Findley, Opinions Editor

April 20, 2016

Lambert student Royce Dickerson was recently named the President for the Future Business Leaders of America across the entire state of Georgia. The FBLA is the largest student organization in the world, helping over 250,000 students become prepared for careers in the corporate realm. The positive atmosphere...

The Time of Growth

Jessica Objartel, Sudent Submission, 11th Grade

April 20, 2016

At first I had only known darkness, the warmth of the earth, and the coldness of the water that quenched my thirst. Then, after what I assume was time had passed, I came to know the vast, never ending sky; the beauty of the sun as it shined down and warmed my entire being; and the chill of the wind that...

Honoring Canine Assistants: Changing the world with wet noses and wagging tails

Lambert students pose with the Canine Assistants and thank them for sharing their canine companions

Logan White, Literary Editor

April 18, 2016

Lambert has recently partnered with Canine Assistants to reduce the stress levels of high school students by using what is, undeniably, one of the world’s most beautiful things: puppies. Canine Assistants has been bringing a few of their resident service dogs to Lambert’s Media Center for students ...

Magic, music, and much more: “The Name of the Wind” book review

Kvothe, the main character in

Elizabeth Findley, Staff Writer

April 12, 2016

Within the vast piles of the various fantasy novels and series, it can sometimes be a daunting task to choose a new novel to read that stands out as something new and exciting. With Patrick Rothfuss’s debut novel, The Name of the Wind, published in 2007, readers can enjoy a truly spectacular and cons...

The Boy, the Owl, and the Search for Purpose

Nick Schwarzmann, Student Submission, 11th Grade

March 25, 2016

The Boy, the Owl, and the Search for Purpose There was a young boy who was sad and distraught, He moped around his quiet, empty house, thinking his life was all for naught, He thought to himself, “Why are we living? What’s life all about?” He couldn’t answer those questions, so his face ha...


Olivia Pastore, Staff Writer

March 21, 2016

“Are you excited for college?” They all seem to ask me tirelessly, and sometimes I’m afraid to tell them, to let my truth bleed from my mouth: I imagine leaving home almost every day. I imagine a car or a plane taking me to places uncharted to find a life anew. I imagine my famil...