On Truth


Jake Alesia, 11th grade

“Adventure is worth while in itself” -Amelia Earhart “This picture describes an adventure itself. This is when I started to get the hang of wake boarding. It started with lots of attempts of falling and trying my best but then it clicked. I started getting up and moving in and out of the wake like I knew what I was doing. By the end of the day I was getting little jumps down, and to think I was against trying it all along at the start of the day.” -Jake Alesia

People omit truth all the time

The effect is not so sublime.

We can’t build faith, we can’t build trust

How does a liar feel this lust?

Sometimes the truth is too hard to hear

So, in that case, it is best not to be clear.

But lying is a habit, it blackens the heart

One who is not careful will be torn apart.

Truth would have saved my family bond

My beloved uncle, now angry and gone.

Lies have helped save, but that message is bad

As if it is justified to forget what was had.

The truth must come back, there’s no other way

Clean up your mind, without delay.