2023 Beta Convention

Picture of Lambert Beta Club at Betacon, taken January 28th, 2022. Courtesy of Lambert Beta Club.

Picture of Lambert Beta Club at Betacon, taken January 28th, 2022. Courtesy of Lambert Beta Club.

The 2023 Beta Conference, also known as Beta Con, will be held on January 25th – 27th, in Savannah, Georgia. Lambert is bringing around 50 people to participate in multiple events including Beta State President candidate Deepthi Palvai. 

Omkar Tamhane, former Beta State President candidate and integral part of  Palvai’s candidate team, commented on the Beta Con experience.

“It’s just a place for Beta Student Club members across Georgia to get together, to meet and to have a good time and compete,” Tamhane mentioned. “It’s much different from other club[State Leadership Conferences]”

Deepthi Palvai is Lambert Beta’s community service coordinator, who helps organize multiple events for Beta Club members. 

“I have to find different community service opportunities around our area, and coordinate with the people in charge of the events, and basically just organize everything so people can show up and help out,” Palvai stated. 

The President candidates consist of one person from each school competing. Candidates originate from high schools throughout Georgia. Methods Deepthi has used in order to gain traction for her campaign include posting consistently on Instagram, start making reels, and trying to get her name out there.

“It’s been really amazing,” Palvai quoted. 

Her campaign is based on a foundation of connections. 

“I want more connection between the different Beta chapters,” Palvai stated. “I want to initiate regional conferences and virtual zoom meetings for people to talk to each other and get to know each other better.

Some additional goals include appreciation, empowering and fundraising. Making sure that students appreciate their community service remains one of Deepthi’s main ambitions. 

Voting is held on January 27 where winners of Beta State Officers are chosen at a morning session. Anyone in Georgia Beta is eligible to vote, even if you are not present at the conference.  

For the remainder of Beta Con participants, a plethora of competitive events are held.

“It ranges from 3D art, to testing events, to computer science and engineering,” Palvai mentioned. “There’s just so many things that different types of people will be able to do.”

Competing members who pass on to the next level are able to showcase the talent they were competing on stage.

“It’s really nice to be able to see them perform,” Tamhane mentioned. “It’s all about showcasing your talents.”