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The Lambert Post

The student news site of Lambert High School

The Lambert Post

The student news site of Lambert High School

The Lambert Post

 Lambert Students Nathan Kim, Steven Hong, and Gene Kang all are seen wearing Stevens Red Cats shop merchandise (December 1st, 2021). Both friends were extremely supportive of Steven Hong’s business, and continuously made an effort to promote his products! (The Lambert Post/Ashley Choi).

Entrepreneurs of Lambert

Ashley Choi, News Staff December 5, 2021

There's no such thing as starting a business too young. Lambert is considered the breeding place for young minds to thrive. In the past years, countless students have taken the initiative to use their...

This is an image of a few of the handmade cards that will be donated to Northeastern Georgia Hospital. November 16, 202. These letters will be distributed to the healthcare workers in the hospital. (Alison Lafayette)

Lambert’s Doctors Without Borders Club Donates Handmade Cards to a Local Hospital

Shriya Buche, News Staff December 1, 2021

The new Doctors Without Borders club in Lambert High School showed their appreciation by creating personalized thank you cards for healthcare workers in order to spread holiday cheer and demonstrate gratitude.  This...

The photo here shows a portion of goods that the students of Lambert High have donated. The items here consist of things ranging from blankets, toiletries, and canned foods. (Lambert Post/Ashley Choi)

Giving Back to the Community

Ashley Choi, News Staff November 16, 2021

The month of Thanksgiving is a time where we reflect back on our lives and give our gratitude to the gifts we’ve been blessed with. Not only that, but it’s a month where we pay forward things we take...

Peaceful protesters hold signs outside the capitol building in washington dc, advocating for limiting the use of fossil fuels (Flickr/Victoria Plecking)

Climate Change Crisis

Natalie Ogden, News Editor November 14, 2021

On November 8th, 2021, the COP26 climate summit was held in Glasgow Scotland. 100 world leaders were present at the summit such as U.K prime minister Borris Jonson and U.S President, Joe Biden. Countries...

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Shriya Buche, News Staff November 12, 2021

Whisper has recently been making a significant impact at Lambert High School. Established at LHS in 2019. This is a community of students that focus on having good conversations and being vulnerable.  The...

Pharmacys such as Walgreens and CVS are now available for walk-in COVID-19 vaccinations November 10, 2021. As positive COVID-19 cases grow, the farther the world gets from going back to normal. (Jimena Ruano)

COVID-19: Vaccines and Booster Shots

Jimena Ruano, Editor-in-Chief November 10, 2021

While COVID-19 is still in its peak stage, many believe receiving the vaccine will make them completely immune to the virus. This is a huge misconception that has caused the virus to spread even more,...

Georgia Probe College Fair,, some rights reserved.

Forsyth County Probe College Fair

Taylor Petrofski, Senior Editor November 8, 2021

Georgia Probe, an annual program of college fairs and guidance counselor workshops, is coming to Forsyth County at the Forsyth Conference Center on November 15 from 6-8 PM.  Probe is managed by the...

Photo by Lambert Administration, taken on February 4th, 2019, Some rights reserved,

Suicide Prevention at Lambert

Natalie Ogden, News Editor November 2, 2021

Due to the nature of this article, all students are to remain anonymous On November 3rd and 4th of 2021, Lambert High School counselors will be required to give The "Signs of Suicide" presentation...

The principal of Gateway Academy, Drew Hayes, cut the ribbon to officially open the academy. Taken Saturday, July 24, 2021. (Forsyth County News)

Inside The Mysterious Gateway Academy

Shriya Buche, News Staff November 1, 2021

A new school, opened in August of 2021, has been founded for troublesome youths. This school is regarded as an academy that provides pupils with a second chance. A school that accepts pupils who have problems...

AP Environmental Science teacher, National Science Honors Society sponsor and Science Olympiad coach Dr. Covert, October 27, 2021. New to Lambert High School, Dr. Covert pursues his passion for science by sponsoring NSHS. (Dr. Covert/Jimena Ruano)

Dr. Covert and The National Science Honors Society

Jimena Ruano, Editor-in-Chief November 1, 2021

Lambert’s National Science Honors Society has been an open environment for students who have a passion for science and want to show it off.  NSHS’ goal is to enhance one’s scientific knowledge...

This is the official logo of the Lambert Student Government Association. SGA is a  council dedicated to improving the school through the work of students. (Lambert Student Government Association/ Chelsey Bucherati)

SGA Elections

Shriya Buche and Ashley Choi October 27, 2021

As essential as a teacher is to a student, a council is vital to its school. It just so happens that Lambert High School is hosting their officer elections for the Student Government Association on Friday,...

In room 1886 of Lambert High School, two Student Government Association Sophomores are working on the decorations for the upcoming trunk or treat. Their goal in the picture was to sketch out designs and lettering for the display. (Lambert Post/ Ashley Choi)


Ashley Choi, News Staff October 21, 2021

The month of October is typically associated with Halloween festivities. Scarecrows are prodded into backyards. The warm smell of pumpkin is sprinkled into the air. Bulks of candy are stacked high on store...

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