All Things Amazon


Andrew Hampton

Amazon provides a variety of ways that they ship their product to maximize efficiency and suitability.

Amazon has had its plate full the past few weeks with all the changes they’ve been unveiling in regards to its new headquarters and the newest store opening- not to mention the fact that the CEO has now become the richest man worldwide. Amazon is quickly becoming one of the largest corporations on Earth, and is continuing to grow.

As many have heard, Amazon has decided they are establishing a second headquarters in addition to their original in Seattle, Washington. Amazon has recently narrowed the list down to 20 potential candidates – starting with 238 cities – for their new headquarters. With Amazon being a very large corporation, it will provide a plethora of benefits to the selected city. Amazon has estimated that the new headquarters would be able to employ up to 50,000 people and provide a significant boost in the city’s economy. With such high stakes and benefits, there are also possible negative effects of the tech giant’s presence in any given city. The real estate of the surrounding areas would skyrocket subsequently to their new headquarters in the city and traffic would increase tenfold – something most cities will not be able to handle well. 

Wildly unnoticed, “Amazon Go” – Amazon’s new store – opened in Seattle a few Mondays ago, January 22, 2018. The newest store includes, “Just Walk Out Technology,” which is basically shopping with no lines or cashiers. The new store is the pinnacle of convenience for the customer. The store provides a hassle free shopping experience where everything you pick up in the store is accounted for you and charged to your virtual cart. As we know with Amazon thus far, with every positive there comes a negative. Many fear that Amazon’s new store will be developed nationwide pushing thousands out of jobs that would normally accompany a grocery store. Without concern, Amazon has debuted its new store knowing that its customers care more for ease of access and convenience than the potential jobs the company may be uprooting.

With Amazon’s major expansions on the rise it is not inconceivable that their CEO, Jeff Bezos, is now the richest man on Earth.  Back in July of 2017, Bezos briefly passed Bill Gates ( the previously richest man and CEO of Microsoft) before returning back to second for a couple months.  In October, Bezos ultimately prevailed over Gates, right before his company marked $100 billion. While his success may seem profound over Bill Gates, Bezos has simply not been as caring as Microsoft’s CEO. In terms of generosity Gates has given far more in grants and shares than Jeff Bezos ever has. The overall assumption for Gates’ total worth would be around $150 billion dollars. However, with Amazon on the prowl for customers, that number could quite quickly be overtaken.