Beta Club: A change for the better

Beta Club member Brenna Reilly tutors Madison Powers in order to receive service hours.

Beta Club member Brenna Reilly tutors Madison Powers in order to receive service hours.

Beta Club is a student led organization that focuses on achievement, character, leadership, and service. For many years, Beta Club at Lambert High School has been somewhat of a joke due to loose leadership and lax rules, and the organization has solely served as one more thing to put on a college application. However, this year has brought on a change. There are new sponsors, and the club is now backed by Mr. Moses and Mr. Candela. With their help, the Beta Club has raised its standards and its expectations.

In years past, the required number of hours was 12, and students could make up a service project and get their mom to sign off for it. However, this year, the requirements are much more rigorous. Students must get their service projects approved by Mr. Moses, and there is an inside-hour requirement, meaning that certain hours must be obtained through Beta Club. Also, instead of having a minimum of 12 hours, the mandatory amount of hours is now 20.

Many students are concerned about this change, especially those who experienced the indifferent rules and regulations in the past. According to Mr. Candela, the standards have been raised because Lambert has a lot of potential, but it has yet to be realized. He believes if the club has more rigor, then the club will be seen as more prestigious. Mr. Candela wants the club to be something the students can be proud of, and the cord should be something that can be considered as earned.

Mr. Candela and Mr. Moses both feel strongly about this club. Mr. Candela stepped up to the plate this year to help students realize their potential; Mr. Moses only agreed to lead if the students were committed.

Whether the change is for the better or for the worse, one thing is for sure. The cord will be earned this year – not given.