Forsyth County is the Best County In Georgia

Forsyth County is notorious for its high population of well-educated and relatively wealthy people which is why it’s unsurprisingly the richest county in Georgia and the eighth richest county in the United States. 

The median household income per family in Forsyth County is $101,743 which is drastically higher than a state-wide average of $55,679. And because it is the richest county, it is also the healthiest. In Forsyth county, people are known to live the longest and best lives because of all of the easy-to-access shops and clinics. It also has great parks, trails, and recreational places along with great schools.

In comparison to the counties surrounding it (Dawson, Hall, Fulton, Gwinnett, and Cherokee county), Forsyth county has much better schools and resources available to the public. 

So, as mentioned before, Forsyth county is an amazing place to live and it has great parks, schools, and other great resources.