Georgia Weather: Why so Rainy?

Georgia continues to be hit with a rainy season with near-record rainfall. The South has been experiencing historic flooding with rain reaching up to 5-7 inches. Right now, rainfall is 1-3 inches above average.


The heavy rain is a result of a band covering Eastern Louisiana, central parts of Mississippi and Alabama, all the way into Georgia. Several flash flood warnings came up weekly during this period of rain.


Now, meteorologists forecast another possible week of flooding and severe storms in the South. The jet stream locking itself in place is a classic in March. The jet stream will take a deep, southward plunge towards the West Coast and rises back towards the Northeast. This brings the Gulf of Mexico’s milder temperatures and moisture up into the South, colliding with the cooler temperatures and causing rain lots of it.


This week’s weather map shows that Atlanta will not be receiving the brunt of this pattern of weather. Expect to still see rain, but far less than we saw just last month.


Atlanta is currently forecasted to have rain showers throughout the whole week, with possible thunderstorms Wednesday night and Friday. At least we’ve saved on watering our grass this season.