Interviewing A Track Star: The Rewards Reaped

A Lambert track star sat down for an interview with The Lambert Post to talk about what goes on during a big track meet. Jalen Battle, the star in question, has placed 3rd in the state and 12th in the nation for high jump. 


“There were over 400 people there … it was the biggest meet I had ever been to … I was very nervous, but I still managed to place 12th,” Jalen said when asked about his performance on the high jump at nationals. 


He improved his performance at state significantly by placing 3rd (his best previous year he had placed 12th). This year he hopes to do even better, and is aiming for first.


Jalen is tough, and he has continued to play through this year and is getting better than ever. He is working out three days a week in preparation for the upcoming season. 


Jalen hopes to get a full ride scholarship for Track next year. Jalen has already received several offers. Jalen has yet to make a choice, but he feels confident he will be able to get in to a school that is a good fit for him.