Justin Bieber is Yummy

Justin Bieber is encouraging his fans to stream his latest single “Yummy” in order to get him to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Usually, Justin Bieber has no trouble getting his songs to the number one spot on the Hot 100. His most recent song, “Yummy”, however, is not performing as well as he would like. The song only hit the number 2 spot on the charts getting beaten by the song, “The Box,” by Roddy Rich. Because of this, Justin Bieber has been vapidly promoting the songs in a rather pathetic attempt to garner streams. 

One of his now-deleted Instagram posts encouraged fans to stream the song while they sleep so that he could get more streams. He was met with immediate backlash and soon deleted the post.

In my opinion, the obvious reason that Justin isn’t doing so hot is apparent when listening to “Yummy.” The song is boring and bland with little merit or creativity. Instead of begging for streams, Justin should be focusing on making better music.