Lambert FBLA members taken to the Georgia State Leadership Conference


Ryan Coker, Dawson County High School

Lambert student Royce Dickerson laughing with the other FBLA Georgia State officers, (from left to right) state reporter Macy McKinely, state projects vice president Mathew McDaniel, state membership vice president Nick Loudermilk, state president Royce Dickerson, state parliamentarian Catherine Farist, and state secretary Shelly Ling.

A State Leadership Conference (SLC) for the entire state of Georgia’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) program took place in Athens, GA this month. The conference’s objective is to provide high school students with opportunities to compete with students from the entire state in business events and to attend informative workshops. The conference also hosts the yearly elections for Georgia’s FBLA officers. This conference allows students to test their skills and prepares them for college and their future career.

The biggest event was the farewell speech from the Georgia State FBLA president, Royce Dickerson. Royce is a Lambert High School student who won the election for President, the highest position, at last year’s conference. Royce is a senior and will be graduating at the end of the school year, leaving FBLA. Royce Dickerson said about FBLA in an interview, “it has changed my life. I love FBLA and all the chances they gave me to compete, travel, network, and have fun.” Mrs. Fagan, The Lambert FBLA director feels that the conference “was the highlight of my career. Seeing Royce up on stage and give his farewell speech was truly wonderful.”

The conference includes over 65 competitive events. It challenges students in business skills and teaches them how to network, both on a state and even national level. It inspires students by giving them so many opportunities in diverse areas that they might excel. The SLC is helping shape and improve the future leaders of the country and the world.


During the conference several awards were handed out to Lambert’s FBLA and many of its members:


Lambert FBLA received Gold Chapter – Superior rating and was awarded 2nd Place for Chapter of the Year.


Royce Dickerson gave his final farewell as Georgia FBLA State President.


Mrs. Jager was awarded New Adviser of the Year!


Lambert received Largest Local Chapter ever” in the history of Georgia FBLA with 519 members!


1st Place in E-business

Sudeep Annem

Abhideep Budda


2nd Place in Accounting II

Stuart Reese


2nd Place in Agribusiness

Maggie Baxter


2nd Place in Business Law

D J Barber


2nd Place in Future Business Leader

Royce Dickerson


2nd Management Decision Making

Royce Dickerson

Sai Kilaru

Sayuj Shajith


2nd Place in Networking Concepts

Hunter Lee


3rd Place in Accounting II

Molly Williams


3rd Place in Agribusiness

Lucia Morris


3rd Place in Healthcare Administration

Nicole Mistry


3rd Place in Management Information Systems

Allen Seo

Darren Yu – individual (7th)


4th Place in Business Law

Andrew Hama


4th Place in Computer Problem Solving

Hunter Lee


5th Place in Business Plan

Justin Ahn

Mehul Kumar

Nikhil Reddy


5th Place in Entrepreneurship

D J Barber (super team)


6th Place in Management Decision Making

Jordan Baker – individual qualifier

Ishaan Bhasin


7th Place in Intro to Business Procedures

Corbin Fricker


7th Place in Management Decision Making

Katie Anderson

Maxwell Kimble


8th Place in Accounting II

Carina Hernandez


9th Place in Accounting I

Ben Spitzer


10th Banking & Financial Systems

Sheza Chaudhry – individual qualifier

Esha Patra – individual qualifier


10th Intro to Business Communication

Erin Kim