New Dog Park Alert

After months of dog owners begging for a new space to walk their pup, Zaveri Enterprises will be using a bid of $850,760 (Issued on January 27th, 2020) to begin constructing a new dog park next to Forsyth County Animal Shelter on County Way off Ga. 400 F.

Forsyth County Government Forsyth County Animal Shelter Source:

Cindy Mills, the District 4 Commissioner enthusiastically shares, “I get asked constantly about it…I’ve been asked more about this than I have about just about anything.” 

Once the construction papers are given the thumbs up, there should only be an approximate 180 day wait until the new park is up and running. 

Aside from pleasing the daily dog walkers of Forsyth, project heads hope to shed more light on the “forgotten” animal shelter next door.

Tim Merritt, the Deputy County Manager, explains, “While they might not be coming to the animal shelter, they’re going to be right beside it…You won’t hear any more of this, ‘We didn’t know that they had a shelter.”

 Forsyth County Animal Shelter was founded in 2014 and is open Tuesday through Saturday for doggy daycare and adoption transactions. The service requires only an $85 adoption fee with age-appropriate vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, and much more included.

If interested in checking out the shelter, contact (678) 965-7185 for more information.

While waiting for the new park’s arrival, many dog owners suggest the following parks as excellent places for dogs to let loose.

  1. Chattapoochie Dog Park in Duluth Ga 
  2. Newton Dog Park in Johns Creek Georgia 

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this new doggy heaven!