North Park Elementary School Shooting


Photo by Mesa0789, published on September 29, 2013, some rights reserved, license link:

San Bernardino Police patrol car; the first responders to the situation at North Park Elementary School.

On Monday April 10th, Cedric Anderson entered North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, California; the same city where a terrorist attack occurred in December 2015.

Cedric Anderson drove to the elementary school and signed in at the office not appearing to be agitated and went directly to classroom B-1 and without speaking a word opened fire with his Smith and Wesson .357 Revolver. Targeted was Anderson’s estranged wife, Karen Smith who worked as a special needs teacher at the school. After reloading, 10 shots were fired in total when Cedric Anderson shot himself to death.

Along with Karen Smith, standing behind her, two other students, 9 year old Nolan Brandy and 8 year old Jonathan Martinez were struck. Nolan Brandy is now in stable condition recovering, but Jonathan Martinez, 8 who was diagnosed with Williams syndrome and Karen Smith did not survive.

Karen and Cedric had been dating for four years before they married in January, but started having marital issues after Anderson began to threaten her. Smith moved with other family after moving out of their house in March.

On Tuesday, a day following the shooting, supporters of the victims and community friends gathered for a vigil, leaving flowers, teddy bears, and balloons for the two victims at the elementary school.