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The student news site of Lambert High School

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The student news site of Lambert High School

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Photo taken by Sanhita Chatterjee on May 10, 2022.

Goodbye & Good Luck, Mrs. Champion!

Sanhita Chatterjee, Features Staff May 17, 2022

Mrs. Champion has worked at Lambert for nine years, teaching AP Statistics and AP Calculus. Before she became the beloved Longhorn she is now, Champion taught in various schools.  She taught in Pennsylvania...

Coach Schneider at his desk. Taken by Hunter Dzerve on March 23, 2022.

Coach Schneider: Moving On, College and Careers

Hunter Dzerve, Features Staff March 30, 2022

Coach Marc Schneider, a Lambert teacher and football coach, is the epitome of following his heart and investing in his passions.  Schneider's journey began at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New...

Mrs. Helm and her ‘fur nephew,’ Beau, at Ponce City Market in October, 2019.

Mrs. Helm

Hannah Kenyon , Features Editor February 15, 2022

Mrs. Helm sets herself apart from other science teachers with her gentle, friendly approach to teaching her students. She forms bonds with her students easily and enjoys helping them and seeing them grow....

Coach Hamilton and his wife on July 11, 2021

Coach Hamilton: Seven Years In and Many To Go

Hannah Kenyon , Features Editor December 2, 2021

Coach Hamilton is the Varsity Assistant Basketball Coach and teaches AP US History and World Geography. He’s known for his laid-back, yet insightful, teaching style that meets students in the middle...

A photo of Mr. Wilson in front of his classroom with the teacher of the month award, Tuesday, November 2, 2021. (The Lambert Post/ Hunter Dzerve)

A Longhorn Journey

Hunter Dzerve, Features Staff November 11, 2021

Mr. Wilson is an AP World History teacher that strives to connect history to modern times. He is one of the few teachers that has been at Lambert since the very beginning, but it almost didn’t turn out...

A photo of Mrs. Sharer in front of the Periodic Table of the Elements in her classroom, Wednesday, October 20, 2021. (The Lambert Post/ Hunter Dzerve)

A Love for Chemistry

Hunter Dzerve, Features Staff October 27, 2021

Mrs. Sharer is an Honors Chemistry teacher that is new to Lambert this year; she was previously a student-teacher at Alliance and worked in chemical engineering. She worked in chemical labs at Emory and...

 Photo taken on, October 26th, 2021, of a Lambert classroom after students have been dismissed. The classroom, now empty, will soon be full of questions, different perspectives, and knowledge with the help of teachers. (Samantha Nyazema)

Opinions In The Classroom

Samantha Nyazema, Opinions Editor October 26, 2021

I like to think of school as a big family because we, staff and students, see and interact with each other a great amount. There are so many similarities between a family and an entire school. In the...

Taken on September 3, 2021, Some rights reserved,

The Face Of Lambert’s Special Education Program

Hannah Kenyon , Features Editor September 30, 2021

The peer facilitator program has an objective to aid the special instruction classes from daily challenges to just decompressing and having fun. Students are given the opportunity to impact students with...

Photo by Livi Wold, taken on January 14, 2021

A Math Teacher’s Journey Summed Up

Avery Haney and Livi Wold February 1, 2021

Lisa Kuroski, a current Algebra II and Accelerated Precalculus teacher at Lambert High School has an impressive academic and professional life. From a systems engineer to a regional technical manager,...

Picture Provided by Ms. Stovall, Taken in 2019

Who’s Got That Longhorn Pride? Ms. Stovall!

Jimena Ruano and Abby Settipani February 1, 2021

On the crisp January afternoon almost done with her day, Macy Stovall, a World History teacher at Lambert, spoke to us about being a Lambert alumna, her first year as a teacher and the welcoming atmosphere...

Picture taken by Hannah Kenyon, taken on January 12, 2021

Tough, but Fair: Lambert’s Mr. Shroyer


Mr. Shroyer’s known for his engaging teaching style that sparks vibrant class discussions. His approachable personality combined with his high expectations for his students has made his classroom a successful...

“I encourage young people to get involved in the acting community, whether it be at a local or national level.” - Abigail Jackson, Lambert French Teacher

Humans of Lambert

Patrick Bullock, Staff Writer April 19, 2017

“Around the time I had moved to Georgia from Washington D.C. and began teaching French, the movie and television industry really started to boom here. I had done some theater in my teens and during...

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