Parkland commemoration balloon release


Multiple #whatsyour17 posters have been put up around the school leading up to the memoriam event on Wednesday.

There will be a student-led balloon release ceremony on Wednesday, March 14th to mark the first month anniversary of the Parkland School Shooting. The event will be held during both of the Lunch and Learn periods in the courtyard next to the 3000 trailers. It is expected to last at least 17 minutes each time and will include multiple student speakers and two student musicians. Students are invited to attend during their lunch and learn period.

This event is in-part offered as an alternative to the walk-out since multiple students had voiced a desire to participate, but did not want to miss class, to the administration. Dr. Davison has confirmed that students will not be punished for walking out and also encourages students to participate in honoring the victims. The memoriam event is also one of many moves by the administration to involve students’ voices in the new changes. “I want to hear directly from students,” said Dr. Davison, in an interview about new school safety measures, “I want to make sure we’re doing steps in partnership with each other.”

A major part of the event and of the school’s outreach to students is the #whatsyour17 movement. The #whatsyour17 movement is to encourage students to reach out to each other and perform 17 acts of kindness. This idea of being able to make a difference in someone else is expected to be featured at the memorium event and highlighted by student speakers.