Permanent Tattoos are not so Permanent Anymore

Tattoos are known as drawings that last forever. Currently, the only technique to get rid of a tattoo is by the use of lasers to break the skin and scatter the ink. The process requires multiple appointments and is proven to lead to cancer.

INQUE, a Bambu Global project-based in Lowell, Massachusetts, is determined to create a new alternative.

The company’s new ink is described as minuscule beads that can be turned on and off by a low powered laser.

The ink technology was an idea presented for medication delivery, but INQUE has incorporated the research to create a temporary option for tattoos.

The ink can be applied just like ink used today and is removed by a process Chief Executive Officer Satish Agrawal calls “BLANQUEing.” The new removal process is conducted by a laser that creates chemical reactions to change the ink’s color. 

**Example of a new procedure to erase tattoos known as “Blanqueing” Source:***

The companies research claims the procedures are most successful six or more months after the tattoo has been inked. The product has been tested on over 200 people, with the oldest tattoo being three years.

Besides the medical analysis used in creating INQUE, most of the configuration of the product has been due to the infamous corporation, Polaroid. The photo company’s intense study with color and chemical change contributed to the making of the new ink.

Because of the ink’s new perspective, Bambu Global doesn’t want the technology to be assorted with regular inks. So, the company is planning to open high-end salons to carry the product. The first salons are scheduled to open in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia during the spring of this year. Robb Osinski, the chairman and chief executive officer of Bambu Global, shares his excitement for the product release when saying, “We think it’s a spectacular disruptive idea that will be one of the neatest retail store concepts (and) should be easily accepted by the population.”

(SUN/Julia Malakie)
Robb Osinski, executive chairman of INQUE Holdings and chairman & CEO of Bambu Global, discusses INQUE’s new tattoo technoloy with which tattoos can be “blanqued” to make them invisible. (SUN/Julia Malakie)


***Robb Osinski Source:***

 So, thanks to Bambu Global’s new discovery, next time you think about getting a tattoo, know it doesn’t have to last forever!

Take a look at this video provided by INQUE for more information!