Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich is Coming Back This Weekend

The famous sandwich that sold out in two weeks after its announcement and threatened Chick-Fil-A’s monopoly on chicken sandwich is returning this weekend on November 3rd, this time permanently.

Popeye’s chicken sandwiches were so popular that long lines wrapping around Popeye’s restaurants could be seen around the nation, and debates over which fast food restaurant’s sandwich was the best sparked online. It was reported that Popeye’s sandwich raked in $23 million in sales in the two weeks they were available in August. 


Popeye’s posted an announcement on the return of the sandwich on Twitter, while also throwing shade at Chick-Fil-A:


Popeye’s had initially expected their sandwich to supplies to last into September, but when the sandwiches ran out two weeks after their August 12th reveal, Popeye’s was hard at work to bring the sandwich back to the public. Last week, Popeye’s began hiring extra workers in anticipation of the return of the chicken sandwich this Sunday. 


Hopefully, the long lines and hour-long drive-thru waits can be avoided this time so we can get our hands on these delicious sandwiches.