Protesters Plowed, then Pepper Sprayed by Officers

Dozens of protesters were plowed through by a man in a truck on August 14, 2019 when they refused to move outside the Wyatt Detention Center in Central Falls, Rhode Island.


The protesters outside of the facility were part of the “Never Again” movement, whose mission is to make sure that what happened during the Holocaust, does not happen in the United States. Illegal immigrants have been a huge topic in the United States for a couple of years, and the “Never Again” movement does not approve of the way immigrants in holding are being treated. 


As the truck was leaving the facility, protesters got up to surround the truck while the vehicle was still in motion. Many were astonished that the truck would not move, and decided to start videoing the whole event. 


“The whole world is watching.” chanted the protesters.


While the protesters surrounded and jumped on the truck, officers came to tell them to move, but they still refused. This led officers to use pepper spray which sent the protesters running out of the way. The aftermath left many distraught and full of rage.


“Last night we experienced a small example of the violence that ICE uses against our immigrant neighbors every day. As Jews, our families taught us the lessons of the Holocaust, and we promised that we would speak out and act if we ever saw a group of people being targeted, dehumanized, and rounded up” the group stated. 


The group believes it is not fair to use the level of violence ICE exhibits on immigrants in the facilities. Many had irritation due to the spray and were treated, while one was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. This event brought publicity to the “Never Again” movement, and to the matter of ICE facilities all over America.