SGA Results

Hafsa Mir campaigning during election week, taken by Sanhita Chaterjee on October 27, 2022

Hafsa Mir campaigning during election week, taken by Sanhita Chaterjee on October 27, 2022

On October 29, elections for the 2022-2023 Student Government Association Officers (SGA) were held at 8:00 am. 32 candidates across all 4 grade levels competed for officer positions, and each candidate lobbied for a week before the election. In addition to interviews throughout their campaigns, each student was vetted via application. The responsibilities required of candidates consisted of four in each grade, being President, Vice President of Outreach, Vice President of Spirit and Vice President of Public relations.

List of class officers:


President: Niyu  Nalluri

Vice President of Outreach: Nazeefa Loladia

Vice President of Spirit: Jonathan Lin

Vice President of Public Relations: Anant Verma


President: Allyson Kim

Vice President of Outreach: Ishan Vadalila

Vice President of Spirit: Linzi Huang

Vice President of Public Relations: Vicky Molina


President: Hafsa Mir

Vice President of Outreach:  Shriya Buche

Vice President of Spirit: John Kuchinski

Vice President of Public Relations: Taylor Petrofski  


President: Max Chapa

Vice President of Outreach: Pranav Batchu

Vice President of Spirit: Kennedy Hankinson

Vice President of Public Relations: Sanjit Hajgude


“Originally, it was your standard Vice President, Secretary, Public relations, all that kind of stuff,” Hafsa Mir, the new Junior President quoted. 

Now there are more subcommittee-based positions, with vice presidents for each section.  

Campaigning was also a crucial part of gaining roles for the new officers, which was evident when walking through the halls of Lambert during election week.

“It’s all a matter of spreading the word,” Mir said. 

For SGA this year, presidents will be involved in their grade’s affairs and working closely with their peers to organize projects for the corresponding grades. Homecoming, school-wide events and more specifically issues in each grade. 

Vice President of Outreach connects the community with Lambert, specifically focused on canned food drives and events like Trunk or Treat. The Vice President of Spirit focuses on school spirit, such as pep rallies and events surrounding games. 

The Vice President of Public Relations showcases events and deadlines on social media and is mainly in charge of the function of SGA accounts. 

SGA has many upcoming projects and events, putting Lambert’s new committed officers to the test.

“Our busiest time of the year is around Thanksgiving, especially our canned food drive,” Mir mentioned. 

Having new student government leaders bringing fresh ideas to the table, along with ensuring that every student’s voice is heard, the Lambert population is on the path to having a great continued school year.