The Acting Troupe of Lambert’s preview of “James and the Giant Peach”


Buzz (Andy Harper) with multiple ensemble members in front of the giant peach.

The Acting Troupe of Lambert performed their one-act production of “James and the Giant Peach: The Musical” on Thursday 10/20. The musical, performed by the cast listed below, tells the story of an orphaned boy, James Henry Trotter, and his life after moving in with his only living relatives, his malicious, immature aunts: Spiker and Sponge. Through living with his aunts and having no one to talk to, he becomes friends with insects that live inside of his Aunts’ giant peach: Spider, Earthworm, Grasshopper, Centipede, and Lady Bug. The story is narrated by Ladahlord, who also helps to give James advice throughout the show. The ensemble helps to bring the story to life with extravagant visuals and dances.

The Acting Troupe had one performance of this show which was their preview for the one-act competition, which takes place this Saturday at Milton High School. Their show must be under 55 minutes to be considered for an award. Lambert will be performing against Forsyth Central High School, South Forsyth High School, North Forsyth High School, West Forsyth High School, and Milton High School, with a show time of 10:30 am.

Cast List:

Ladahlord – Thomas McFerran
James Henry Trotter – Annie Lesser
Spiker – Danielle Heslin
Sponge – Hanah Feinstein
Lady Bug – Alexandra Johnson
Grasshopper – Dean Mckenzie
Earthworm – Kevin Walsh
Spider – Manali Sunkara
Centipede – Zane Rogers
Matron Nurse – Liv Semel
Buzz- Andy Harper
Mrs. Trotter – Cooper Ellis
Mr. Trotter – Will Prybylski

Abrams, Megan
Berube, Gabrielle
Cannizzaro, Caroline
Carrion, Liana
Crabtree, Kathleen
Darga, Julia
Ellis, Cooper
Gray, Jenna
Hague, Chase
Harper, Andrew
Keel, Mikaila
Kettler, Sarah
Malone, Shannon
Prybylski, Will
Qui, Cindy
Semel, Liv
Stephens, Audrey
Turpen, Anna

The Acting Troupe of Lambert will perform the full performance of the show in February.