The Coronavirus in Georgia

As of January 27, there have been five confirmed reports of the Corona Virus in the United States. None of them were in Georgia, until now.

Sawyer Giles, a nine-month-old girl, has recently been identified as carrying the Coronavirus. Since she was born, Sawyer had been battling health issues like low blood sugar levels and other heart issues. After being tested, her parents and the Centers for Disease Control in Macon confirmed that she was carrying the Coronavirus. However, according to her parents, she has now recovered.

This situation, apparently, is very common because the Coronavirus spreads among children and animals. The fact that Sawyer Giles got the virus as a nine-month-old should not come as a surprise. 

Many schools are taking precautionary measures to make sure students who may be infected stay away and get better before returning to school. For example, Dr. Davison, the principal of Lambert High School, sent out an email saying that students should not come back from school for a “safe” amount of time to make sure that the Coronavirus doesn’t spread to other students and teachers. 

To protect you and your family from this virus please read and follow the instructions on this website from the CDC.