True Heroism


Morgan Quach

The red on the United States of America’s flag represents valor, the blue symbolizes justice, and the white stands for purity. There is one red or white stripe for each of the original 13 colonies, and there are 50 stars in the blue corner for each state in America.

With so many American holidays, there is only one day that honors the soldiers of our country. November 11th is dedicated to all of the soldiers that fought bravely in one of America’s many battles.

This memorial day is celebrated with the decoration of graves for the soldiers that passed during the war, and some very popular parades are held. For example, New York has a Veteran’s Day parade every year, and they have put this parade together 33 years in a row. The parade consists of multiple floats made of American flags and patriotic vehicles, dancers, musicians, and many other talented performers.

Although many areas celebrate the honorable holiday with parades and festivities, others come at a more serious approach. The idea of flag retirement seems very “un-America,” as it includes the burning of our country’s flag, but it has very special requirements. United States flags can only be retired on a social occasion, such as Veteran’s Day, and a qualified member must go through a specific procedure.

With so many different ways to honor America’s veterans, it must be remembered to respectfully honor our troops that fought for our freedom. They have sacrificed their families, homes, jobs, and comfortable life for the betterment of our county.