A Smile Can Go A Mile: Fighting Social Isolation This Week


Ananya Mehta

A simple smile shared between two people in passing can brighten even the dreariest of days.

We are not always fortunate enough to have classes with our friends, and making new friends can often be an arduous task. There are small and simple methods by which we can brighten the lives of those around us. By smiling at our peers in the halls, it becomes possible to emotionally connect with someone briefly in the rapid exchange between classes. According to Adrienne Woodand and Dr. Paula Niedenthal’s discussion on the Huffington Post, humans tend to mimic facial expressions in an effort to understand what the other person may be feeling. By smiling at those around us, the happiness associated with a smile is sent and mimicked by the recipient. This subconscious response proves to actually make a smile contagious. 

So this week, I will combat social isolation by sharing a smile with others around me. By sharing a smile with a total stranger, we not only brighten the day of another person, but also we potentially open ourselves up to new friendships with the people around us.