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A cup of nihilism #25

A cup of nihilism #25
March 24, 2018

Everything on Earth is connected. Organisms depend on each other. And there's nothing wrong with that.

A cup of nihilism #24

A cup of nihilism #24
March 17, 2018

Know how to support those close to you when they're feeling down. People respond differently to times of stress, so comforting them properly illustrates that you acknowledge their pain.

Twenty Seconds of Courage: Fighting Social Isolation This Week

Break the barrier which inspires social isolation! Having courage, even in tiny doses, guarantees amazing outcomes in your life.
December 15, 2017

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”- Benjamin Mee,...

Having the Right Kind of Regrets: Fighting Social Isolation this Week

Today we decided to go outside to enjoy the cold weather! By challenging our comfort zone, we were able to make wonderful memories that will stick with us for a lifetime.
December 8, 2017

A year ago, I slipped and fell into a small section of the Chattahooche River, attempting to catch a paper boat floating with the current. Although I wound up completely soaked, I challenged myself to...

A Smile Can Go A Mile: Fighting Social Isolation This Week

A simple smile shared between two people in passing can brighten even the dreariest of days.
November 28, 2017

We are not always fortunate enough to have classes with our friends, and making new friends can often be an arduous task. There are small and simple methods by which we can brighten the lives of those...

Don’t Hold Back: Fighting Social Isolation This Week

Thanksgiving is getting closer, and now is a wonderful time to express your gratitude to those around you who have had an impact on your life.
November 20, 2017

As Thanksgiving approaches, we must remember to be thankful for all the amazing people in our lives; we shouldn’t restrict our thanks to one day, we should appreciate what we have whenever we can. When...

My Trip to Arbor Terrace: Fighting Social Isolation This Week

The elderly are often victims of social isolation. The image above closely depicts a heart-wrenching scene I witnessed as I preformed with Music Heals at Arbor Terrace.
November 16, 2017

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to receive the opportunity to perform at Arbor Terrace with Music Heals, a brilliant volunteer organization that enlists musicians to brighten the days of the elderly...

Know Your Neighbors: Fighting Social Isolation This Week

Social isolation is a demanding issue that has been plaguing the halls of our schools. We need to break away from our lives in the virtual reality crafted by technology and interact with those around us.
November 10, 2017

It happens to everyone. We sit in our classes for months on end, headphones in, phones out in hand, and our eyes unyieldingly focused on the work before us. In our focused (potentially distracted) state...

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