Having the Right Kind of Regrets: Fighting Social Isolation this Week


Andrew Hampton

Today we decided to go outside to enjoy the cold weather! By challenging our comfort zone, we were able to make wonderful memories that will stick with us for a lifetime.

A year ago, I slipped and fell into a small section of the Chattahooche River, attempting to catch a paper boat floating with the current. Although I wound up completely soaked, I challenged myself to try break out of my comfort zone and reach out for something I was curious about. I ended up making memories I could share with my friends through the choices I made without a moment of indecision.

This week, I challenged my peers to break out of their comfort zone. We started this little “Challenge of the Day” where a partner and I alternate between completing a challenge and creating one. It is a simple, fun, and memorable way to make new friends and engage with others around you. All challenges are positive, and are meant to better the lives of others. Our recent challenges have included eating new foods, introducing yourself to strangers in the hallways, and attempting new activities such as drawing. Although it may sound cheesy, this little game has slowly torn down the walls of our comfort zones, enabling closer interactions with a greater number of people around us. The discovery of shared passions could create an environment where new friendships can bloom, making our school a less socially isolated place.