Are Dash Cameras Needed?


Outside Pierce County, public security departments have long been using dashboard cameras. Pasco police Officer Brad Gregory is cruising with a new video camera down Court Street to film the traffic in 2001. FILE HERALD FILE PHOTO EVAN PARKER, 2001.

The Dash Cam has been extremely popular over the last few years, mostly due to its many advantages. Simply put, this is a type of camera that is mounted on your car’s dashboard and designed to capture sounds and photos while you’re driving. A significant function of these inexpensive and feature-rich cameras is that they can be easily paired with a range of on-board technology, such as recorders and GPS systems. That being said, here’s a deeper look into some of the most prominent reasons why you should consider purchasing a dash camera.

First-hand evidence of a car crash is by far the biggest reason why millions of car drivers have chosen to spend their time and money on dash cams. In Russia especially, you can see where at the moment you can see the largest number of dash cam users. Simply put, the camera will start recording as soon as you start the engine of your car which will provide real-time, reliable, and straight-to-the-point evidence in the event of an accident.

The Dash Cam is the best and most effective evidence that you have to protect yourself in the event of a car accident. In the end, it’s best to get one and keep on the safe side, since it will help you save a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run. 

Another important reason why you should consider purchasing a dash camera is that it will help you report undisciplined drivers. Any driver has had at least one poor experience with a bad driver throughout his or her “driving career.”

Not only are these cowardly and reckless drivers very annoying, but they could potentially put the lives of other drivers and innocent passengers at risk. However, disclosing the poor conduct of an undisciplined driver can be a difficult job, since this also needs evidence – if you do not have an eye witness to testify on your behalf, then the prosecution usually gets cold.

Finally, I think there should be dash cameras on people and not just automobiles. For example, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many other people of color were killed due to the hands of the local police. This caused local governments to enforce stricter rules against police brutality. This starts with dash cameras on police officers. Some studies have shown that body cameras can improve police conduct effectively. As shown over the past year, just filming isn’t inherently an act that dissuades police violence and even so, some officers don’t use cams even though they are required to do so. Yet, cameras can still help strengthen police responsibility. With several other changes to the police and the addition of body cams, It could lead to reduced use of force and contribute to peaceful resolutions.

To sum up, a dashboard camera for cars is a great investment, particularly because it is very cost-effective and can help in many different scenarios involving automobile confrontation. But, looking at dash cameras for people, can help to lead to a new era of police enforcement. This does not mean cameras will fix all car crashes all problems about the police however, this can be a small step to a safer future.