Dancing with Diversity

The Lambert Dance Company is a well-known club that is supervised by teachers, and provides the audience with entertainment from various types of dances like Tap, K-pop, Bollywood, Traditional, and Lyrical.

The Lambert Dance Company has a significant amount of diversity which is beneficial towards the students of Lambert High School because it allows them to explore possibilities. The National Education Association provides strategies to help diversify your community/school environment. An article from the NEA offers some examples for how to include diversity in programs. The article states, “Pursue ways to create diversity awareness or to celebrate diversity in your school community” (National Education Association, NEA). The dance company represents this quote perfectly because it creates diversity awareness among the students of Lambert High School for those who join the club. 

Cultural diversity is important because our public environment, workplace, country, and schools increasingly consist of various cultural/ethnic groups. Learning about other cultures helps us perceive numerous perspectives within the world in which we live in. Utilizing this knowledge encourages students to open their minds and explore new possibilities, and have diversity integrated into their daily lives (New York Times). 

Join the dance company for a fun and exciting time and broaden your horizons!